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24/7 Crisis Hotline: (972) 641-7273

Board of Directors

Tom Fleming – Chair

Harley-Davidson – Account Executive

Amber Gracia – Treasurer

Impact AO Co-Founder

Committee Membership: Finance, Executive, Board Development

Claire Cobb

THR Dallas – Program Manager, Heart and Vascular Services;

Dustin McCoy

McKesson Corp – Director of Independent National Accounts Services;

Elizabeth Pierce

Corgan – Principal

Committee Membership: Marketing and PR

Francyenne Maynard

North Lake College – Dean of Student Engagement

Jennifer Rudenick Ecklund

Thompson & Knight – Senior Partner

Karen Ann Gough

Mary Kate Bevel

City of Dallas, City Manager’s Office – Management Fellow

Vanessa Soper Fuquay

Parish Episcopal School – Director of Community Service & the Leadership