Thank you for your interest in DARCC Young Professionals (DYP)

What are the DARCC Young Professionals (DYP)?

DYP, established in 2019, is a membership-based auxiliary of the agency providing
opportunities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Community for advocacy and leadership for individuals
between 21 and 40 who are employed in a professional capacity.


Organizational Commitment to DYP

DARCC commits to support DYP by:
  • Hosting monthly events for the DYP auxiliary
  • Providing networking opportunities, including with its board of directors
  • Providing opportunities to actively participate in DARCC's mission through outreach events


DYP Roles and Committees

With the development and growth of DYP, the membership shall establish roles such as:

  • DYP Chair
  • DYP Board Liaison

And create and expand committees not limited to:

  • Outreach & Prevention
  • Events / Fundraising
  • Social Media / Recruitment


DYP Participation

DYP requires membership to:

  • Complete a DYP Application
  • Pass a background check
  • Attend a 2-hour training course that encompasses the following topics:
    • DARCC 101
    • Prevention 101
    • Trauma Responses
    • Ethics
  • Attend 2 Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities Annually*
  • Pay annual membership fees of:
    • $100 for individuals
    • $150 for couples (can be romantic partners, friends, roommates, etc.)
    • OR subscribe to DARCC Believers monthly donation program (min: $15 per month)
  • Represent DARCC in the community in carrying forward its mission and vision.
  • Be empathic, non-prejudiced, and committed to personal and professional growth.


DYP membership encourages at minimum:

  • Attendance at DYP meetings and events
  • Stay in communication with DARCC staff and fellow DYP members
  • To coordinate and host, with guidance from DARCC staff, one annual event or campaign to benefit DARCC. The nature of the event will be selected by the active Young Professionals members each year.

*Members who have been through DARCC's OAG certified Volunteer training within the past two years are exempt from this training

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